Process | Happy Investing

Reach out to Client

Meet ‘n Greet in person or on phone call

Background Check

A quick check and analysis would be made on the client about his/her Income, Finances, Assets and Savings

Investment History Assessment

An assessment would be made of the client’s previous investments .

Objective Determination

The client’s desires and needs for investing are determined, the planning would then be prioritised based on the objectives

Investment Planning

An accurate investment scheme (Mutual Funds, SIPs, etc.) would be plotted that would comply with the client and his/her current-future finances.

Post the approval of the Investment Strategy by the client, necessary paperwork would be filed and the investment would be made. Voila! You can now start dreaming about your lavish holidays or driving around in your dream car. It’s as easy as that.

Regular updates and further advices regarding the existing investments and other probable future investments would be made on a consistent basis.